Thank you to SK Financial. We had previously used other financial advisors in the past who were providing sub-standard financial services and products. SK Financial helped my family find the best financial products for our personal finances. Will always recommend SK Financial for anything related to personal and family finances. They have become a good friend and an excellent advisor for us.

Mahendra Thanki

SK Financial helped me in setting up a TFSA Mutual Funds account. The returns I’m getting are significantly higher than what I was receiving with my personal bank. On top of that, SK always keeps me posted on my funds and makes necessary changes when the funds aren’t performing as well as they should. In short, SK Financial provides exceptional customer service and excellent financial products.

Darsh Thanki

Thank you for taking great care of us with our travel Insurance.
You were so kind; you even called to India when I sent an email and got a new Travel Insurance over the Phone.

Your explanation and suggestions are highly appreciated, When there was a medical emergency recently, I called you in regards to the procedure, you explained the process and tried to help us and also did a follow up on this as well.

Once again Thanks for your outstanding support and help. Greatly Appreciated.

Bhanu Prakash

Thank you for your assistance and expertise in helping us with our insurance. I appreciated your knowledge and ease in answering our questions and the great smiles we received from you.

Salil and Veena

One of my friends introduced me to SK Financial, and ever since then they are our go to people for all financial advice as well as for any insurance needs.

Since last four years, I am buying super visa insurance for my mother through SK Financial. Ashok does all the work not as an agent but as if he is doing it for his own family so that the clients get the best deal as per their requirements. Trust me; you can simply depend on him once you clearly mention what coverage you need. He provides all the details of his work and thorough analysis.

Since last four years, both myself and my wife are making RRSP and TFSA investments through SK Financial. We have also made RESP investment through them. Again, SK Financial went through our detailed requirements and based on our risk tolerance provided the best options available in the market. Most of the agents forget their clients after sales. Ashok is an exception. He monitors the performance of all our investments through him and advises us to make necessary changes based on market conditions. We are happy with the returns we are getting on our investments.

Recently Ashok ventured into Real Estate world. We are hoping for some valuable help from him once we have enough capital to invest.

Ashok has lots of good contacts in Automobile dealings, insurance needs and even with repairs. He is always there to help in the hour of need, truly fulfilling the definition of True Friend.

Both myself and my wife Manjiri wish the very best in SK Financial’s future endeavors and all success in the future.

Swapnil and Manjiri Khare

I have known Ashok Sadhwani for over five years. During that time, he has helped me several times with insurance claims. His expertise and intimate knowledge of the industry was invaluable to me. Ashok is a hard-working honest man who adheres to a very high code of ethics. I am very happy with the help he has provided and would recommend him to anyone requiring assistance in his areas of expertise.

D. Colquhoun

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